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Jochen Leinweber wrote on March 27, 2024
We had a wonderful tour from the airport Manado to the Waruga park and then to the Tangkogo National Park.
Special thanks to Pak Feredy our driver and also guide
Nancy Ostlie wrote on March 15, 2024
We felt so lucky to discover Safari Tours, and their excellent planning made our trip so nice. Kevin, Hendro, Elvis and Mede were always attentive and fun, and so knowledgeable. Our experiences with them made for the fondest memories in all of my five months of traveling.
I would highly recommend Safari Tours to our friends who travel.
Thank you!
Sebastian wrote on February 22, 2024
Unforgettable Sulawesi Adventure: Tangkoko, Local Markets, Volcanoes & More!
Our recent trip to North Sulawesi was an absolute blast, and a huge part of that was thanks to our amazing tour! From the lush jungles of Tangkoko National Park to the vibrant local markets, and the thrilling hikes to Muhawu volcano and the otherworldly geothermal area of Soputan, every moment was packed with adventure and wonder.

But what truly elevated the experience was our incredible guide, Freddy. He wasn't just knowledgeable (his insights into the local culture and wildlife were fascinating!), he was also incredibly friendly, relaxed, and always open to adapting our itinerary to our interests. Whether we wanted to linger longer at a particularly stunning viewpoint or adjust our pace for optimal wildlife spotting, Freddy was happy to accommodate with a smile.

Our stay near Tangkoko National Park was basic but perfectly comfortable for a night, and the AC was a welcome relief after a day exploring the rainforest. But the true gem was the Gardenia Country Inn. The bungalows were charming and nestled amidst a beautiful garden, the food was absolutely delicious, and the overall atmosphere was simply delightful.

Overall, this tour was an unforgettable experience that we would highly recommend to anyone seeking adventure, nature, and cultural immersion in North Sulawesi. And if you're lucky enough to have Freddy as your guide, you're in for an even more special trip!

Here are some specific highlights we particularly enjoyed:

Tangkoko National Park: Witnessing the incredible biodiversity firsthand, from the playful tarsiers to the majestic hornbills, was truly magical. Freddy's expertise helped us spot all the hidden treasures of the park.
Local markets: Immersing ourselves in the sights, sounds, and smells of the local markets was a fantastic way to experience authentic Sulawesi culture. Freddy's guidance helped us navigate the bustling atmosphere and find unique souvenirs.
Muhawu volcano: The moderate hike to the crater rim of Muhawu was fun, and the panoramic views were simply breathtaking.
Soptano volcano: Witnessing the otherworldly geothermal landscape of Soptano, with its bubbling mud pots and sulfurous fumes, was a truly unique experience.
Gardenia Country Inn: The charming bungalows, delicious food, and beautiful gardens made our stay here an absolute pleasure.
If you're looking for an unforgettable adventure in North Sulawesi, look no further than this tour! Just make sure to request Freddy as your guide – you won't regret it!
Irene wrote on November 24, 2021
We went on a 3 nights boat river cruise through Tanjung Putin National Park in Borneo and it was a trip to be remembered forever. We were the only ones in the entire park except the rangers. Close encounters with many incredible orangutans, proboscis monkeys, fireflies and more.
Highly recommending it!
NorA wrote on May 19, 2021
Another excellent trip with Safari Tours!!
Thanks to their professional arrangement, and very knowledgable guides, I had the most wonderful experience of watching Sulawesi endemic fauna in the wild ....

... A family of the tiny spectral tarsiers emerging from their nest in a tree-hole at dusk and jumping from tree to teee ....
a group of the black crested macaques including young babies roaming in the forest for their breakfast, ....
... the bear cuscus eating young leaves on top of tall tropical trees, ....
...a couple of red-knobbed hornbills swooshing around the forest treetops,.... the blue-headed (greenbacked) kingfisher perched quietly on a log, lilac-cheeked kingfisher near a river, ...
... a white-bellied Sea eagle soaring high in the sky,...
...many graceful colourful butterflies flitting from the forest to the flowers and sometimes over the waves and landing on the black sandy beach .... .
And more!

Those were magnificent sights to behold!!
Imagine Wallace's astonishment too more than a hundred years ago when he postulated similar to Darwin, regarding the special island fauna of Sulawesi.

I would do this trip again!! And again!
And highly recommend Safari Tours and their guides Mr Freddy, Mr Medy, etc. Fabulous!
Elena wrote on March 22, 2021
Thank you very much for the wonderful tour. All the staff are very professional and I liked a lot the zebra-minivan. Special thanks to my tour-guide, he is very knowledgeable and friendly. I definitely had a great time and would recommend Manado Safari Tours.
Sharifa Nora wrote on March 2, 2021
In the past, inspired by Alfred Wallace's stories of amazing endemics (and now endangered species) in his book "The Malay Archipelago", I joined a few trips in North Sulawesi, organized by the SAFARI TOURS & TRAVEL. The eco trips were excellent!

I was very impressed by the professional service and impeccable attention to details by the friendly and knowledgeable team of SAFARI TOURS. Excellent overall!

Awe-struck by the many amazing endemics, including the nocturnal tiny primates (Tarsius sp.) hiding in the trees, and the megapodes bird (Macrocephalon maleo) that lay a huge single egg a few feet underground using geothermal heat to incubate the egg!

Two dives done at the Sponge Garden and Black Rock (in conjunction with Thalassa Dive Center) were also amazing, particularly the diverse sponges, nudibranchs, and fish including the yellow frogfish.

Tremendously enjoyed the wonderful trips. I highly recommend SAFARI TOURS & TRAVEL, whenever you want to discover the eccentric uniqueness and biogeography quirks of this Wallaceana region.

Am planning to join more of their trips in the future (perhaps to see the Faviid corals and experience the electric, disco-light clams, etc... .).

Rudi wrote on January 18, 2021
Pelayanannya luar biasa, guide nya juga ramah dan menyenangkan.. sukses terus buat safari tour
Mari wrote on January 6, 2021
We visited Manado during New Year's holiday season. Since we had to meet many conditions for travel related COVID-19, actually we could not feel at ease all the time during my trip. Still Safari Tours was really helpful like supporting us to take Antigen test at the airport, being flexible arranging our travel schedule.
I think without their help we cannot go on our travel in Manado.

(Tangkoko Day Tour)
Jessica wrote on November 21, 2020
Super recommended tour operator!

We requested a custom trip to Safari Tours & Travel that suits my schedule & landscape preference and i'm glad i chose them because my family did have an enjoyable journey in North Sulawesi, well taken care by them! Pak Freddy, our driver is a super knowledgable local that is integral to our wonderful trip. He shared stories about the destination we went to, things we passed by, helped us to find local fruits we looked for, have a great english & bahasa speaking skills with a soothing & clear voice to accompany our trips.

I also love Safari Tours car! It was so cute and spacious, comfortable for family trip.


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