Bangka, Gangga Islands, and Pulisan

The area around Bangka Island has more than 30 world-class diving locations and hosts a wonderful variety of marine life. It is situated directly off the shore of North Sulawesi coast and encompasses four islands in the chain, Lihaga, Tindila, Talise and Bangka. With its 30 plus dive sites this area is suitable for every level of diving experience and certification, some sites offer excellent drift diving opportunities as well.

The underwater terrain includes pinnacles where one can see tuna, mackerel, spotted eagle rays. Soft corals abound as well as a variety of fish, which are regular inhabitants of this area. Typically the entire area of Bangka is less dived simply because of its remoter location. The following dive resorts are perfectly situated to access these sites where fans, colorful sponges as well as small critters exist together in virtually the same area.

Bangka Island

Gangga Island


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