Kalimantan / Borneo

Indonesian Borneo, known as “Kalimantan”, covers 746,309 sq km and is the third largest island in the world after Greenland and New Guinea.

The island group of Derawan on the east coast of Kalimantan offers spectacular diving, golden beaches and tranquillity which make it an attractive dive and leisure destination. Among the six islands in the Derawan group each differs and has its own unique dive features. The diving ranges from spectacular wall dives to wreck and shore dives. There is an incredible diversity of small marine life in the shallows, as well as an ever dominant presence of turtles cruising the reef edge in deeper water.

The dive sites here are also famous for the large gatherings of manta rays, and there is a non-stinging jellyfish lake. Divers can easily find very interesting critters, beautiful nudibranchs, small crabs, shrimps and unusual fish such as ghost-pipefish, scorpionfish and more.

Visibility averages about 20m with a maximum of 30m. Water temperature is about 28°C year-round.

Derawan can be reached from Berau by speedboat.

Derawan Islands (Kalimantan)

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