The Minahasa Highlands

The Minahasa Highlands begin at about 300 meters above sea-level and continue up to 600-700 meters, with volcanic peaks of more than 1700 meters. The cool temperatures at night offer a relaxing respite from the shorelines and beaches of North Sulawesi. Bring a sweater.

Fun-loving and extroverted, the Minahasa people live in neat wood frame houses, with fences and flower gardens, giving the area a European feel. Those with an adventurous palate should try the famously hot and spicy Minahasa cuisine. A trip through the Minahasa Highlands will take you to intriguing prehistoric above-ground burial sites, volcanoes, hot springs, the highland lake Tondano and breathtaking panoramas of lush mountains, coffee and coconut plantations, orchid gardens and terraced hillsides.

Minahasa Highlands

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