Saronde Island Resort

Saronde Island Resort

Saronde Island Resort, located in North Gorontalo, is famous for its calm atmosphere and clean white sandy beaches. This location combines authentic Indonesian charm with a luxurious and exclusive resort experience. We invite you to embark on an extraordinary and memorable holiday at Saronde Island Resort, where an unparalleled experience awaits you.

Private Villas

Six exclusive Private Villas offer spacious accommodations overlooking the stunning Saronde Beach. Designed in the traditional Balinese style, each villa is air-conditioned and features a Balinese bathroom with hot shower facilities. Additionally, every villa is equipped with a mini-bar and a cozy coffee and snack corner.

Each villa boasts its private beach area, complete with a private patio, sunbeds, as well as a dining table and daybed couch on the deck, ensuring a tranquil and comfortable stay.


Restaurant and Bar offer beachfront views, providing a delightful setting to enjoy Asian and Western cuisine while soaking in stunning sunsets. Saronde Island Resort restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner buffet or preorder style, featuring freshly cooked meals.

Cruising and Island Hopping

The Archipelago surrounding Saronde Island boasts over 40 stunning and pristine islands. We extend a warm invitation for you to embark on a cruise and discover the enchanting beauty they hold.

Whaleshark Trip

Leaving from Saronde Island between 6:00 and 6:30 am, we take a 20-minute boat ride followed by a 2-hour car journey to reach the Whaleshark area.

Upon arrival, guests will find a set-up with tables, chairs, and drinking water. Snorkeling guests can enter the water right away, while our team sets up diving equipment for others.

The entry point is near the seating area on the beach. Guests can walk in, swim out about 10 meters, and dive to a max depth of 6-7 meters.

Land Tours Gorontalo

In Gorontalo, you’ll find a genuine and unspoiled experience that is distinct from the tourism hubs like Manado. Here, you can immerse yourself in the essence of Indonesia. Whether it’s exploring the local market, visiting a nearby waterfall, or embarking on a day trip to Gorontalo town or Bogani National Park, every experience is rich with excitement and authenticity.
The villages on the neighbouring islands around Saronde also offer warm hospitality and an authentic cultural experience.


Start the adventure from Saronde Island with a short boat ride and scenic drive to the village of Tulabolo near the national park. Spend the night in a comfortable homestay, enjoying delicious food prepared by our friendly hosts.

The next day, after a delicious breakfast, embark on a 5 to 6 hour guided jungle trek with a knowledgeable forest ranger. Spot wildlife with binoculars and learn about the amazing nature around you.


Diving in the Coral Triangle is extraordinary because of its rich biodiversity. In Gorontalo, macro diving is especially captivating. On Saronde Island in Gorontalo, you will find a variety of dive sites nearby. From beautiful coral reefs to short walls with gorgonians and sponges, there is lots to explore. You will also see sandy slopes with unique marine life such as nudibranch, shrimp and much more.

For those who like big fish, we organize diving trips with whale sharks away from the crowds. This is an amazing opportunity for a memorable underwater experience!

Package Example

Price starting from:
8D/7N Package, 6 days of diving (2 morning dives/day) EUR 1470.

Valid until 31 Dec 2024

Includes: full board, water, coffee, tea, total 12 guided boat dives, unlimited unguided beach dives. Kayak and stand up paddle boards available.

Transfer costs may vary (automobile or plane).

Saronde Island Resort

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